History of AAP

CEO Dennis M. Giroux began his career in the addiction field in 1972 working for the Clare Foundation of Santa Monica. In 1977 he formed Alternative Action Programs to provide substance abuse program management and DUI education and counseling services Los Angeles County. To date, AAP has served over 60,000 DUI cases.

In 1982 DMG & Associates Inc. was formed with the goal of expanding into other substance and abuse services. These services included drug diversion programs, domestic violence counseling and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for industrial/commercial clients.

In 1989, AAP/DMG were invited by Ventura County to provide drug diversion services and subsequently contracted to provide Proposition 36 services.

In 1991, AAP/DMG was certified by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to provide drug testing and education to safety sensitive employees according to Federal Regulations 49 CFR PART 40.

With the advancement of drug testing technology AAP/DMG added this component to its treatment and education programs. Presently, AAP/DMG conducts approximately 40,000 drug tests annually.


Office Photo

Our clients include criminal courts, family court, private industry, schools, and private individuals.

AAP/DMG has two offices in Southern California. The West LA location serves LA County and the Oxnard location serves Ventura County.